About Us

What is Gunners Project

Gunners Project is owned by Greg Russon, was created in 2019, and is located in Salem, Utah. The idea has been in development for several years now. This site was built from the desire to have an all in one place to track firearms, accessories, maintenance, ammunition, reloading, and shooting session. The idea came from the lack of ways to track all of those things and tie them all together in a way that you could see all your data in one place. This project is still under development.

How does the app work

Currently, access to the app is limited while in beta. Access can be gained by using the contact form.

The site allows a user to store data about firearms and accessories. These can be linked together and maintenance on those items can be recorded through the maintenance module. Ammunition for firearms can be stored and that information is linked to firearms based on caliber. Data for reloading is tracked by inputting inventory, creating reloading recipes, and creating ammunition from recipes. Through a shooting session, one can track the data related to a specific firearm and ammunition.

Who is the owner

Greg Russon was born in the '80s and grew up and lives in Utah. He was introduced to firearms through his wife and her family, yep no need to convince the wife of firearms! By day he is a technology guru and develops webpages, internal apps, and performs computer magic. By night he is a husband, father, outdoorsman, and fantasizes about all things firearms. Greg received his bachelor's degree in Technology Management and his Masters in Business Administration.